Tip Toe Hippo Review

Tip Toe Hippo

Tip Toe Hippo is a Forex expert advisor that runs on the Metatrader 4 trading platform. According to the vendor, this robot is capable of profiting from all kinds of market movements. However, to determine whether the system is truly profitable, we need to look into its live performance, along with various other aspects.

The presentation on the official website is not very detailed. Instead of explaining the features in detail, the vendor has highlighted some of the key parameters from the live trading account. We have a screenshot showing the historical results, but it does not look authentic. There is also an FAQ section, the pricing details, and a contact form for sending messages to the service team. 

When it comes to vendor transparency, we are thoroughly disappointed. There is no information on the parent company and the vendor has not shared the details of the team members. Contact information is also not available. 

Tip Toe Hippo at a glance 

Trading Platforms MT4
Currency PairsGER30, JPN225, US30
Strategy Unknown
Recommended Deposit $5000+
Recommended Leverage1:200
Money ManagementNo

Tip Toe Hippo functionality

This system monitors the market 24 hours a day. It defines a certain risk level for each trade, but no information is available on the risk management features like stop loss and take profit. The vendor has not explicitly mentioned the pairs traded by this robot, but looking at the live account we can see that it trades in US30, JPN225, and GER30. 

There are three distinct pricing plans for this EA. The first one is a monthly plan that costs $50, while the second one is a quarterly plan priced at $100. Finally, there is the yearly plan for which you have to pay a total of $250. The monthly charges for the long-term plans are less compared to the basic plan. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee for each of these plans. 

Although you can get started with $1000, the vendor recommends using more than $5000 in the beginning. The live trading account of Tip Toe Hippo trades with leverage of 1:200.

Tip Toe Hippo trading strategy tests 

Unfortunately, we don’t know what trading strategy this system uses. The vendor has mentioned that the robot avoids risky strategies like grid and martingale, but this is not enough. Experienced traders look for strategy insight before investing in a robot, so they might take this as a red flag. The lack of strategy-related information makes it difficult for us to gauge the robot’s profitability.

Backtesting results of Tip Toe Hippo
Backtesting results of Tip Toe Hippo

On the official website, the vendor has shared a screenshot for the 9-year historical backtest using true tick data. However, this is not the proper format for backtesting data. Ideally, the results should tell us about important performance parameters like drawdown, profit factor, win rate, etc. The vendor has claimed the maximum drawdown was 15% during the backtest, but there is no way to verify this.

What about Tip Toe Hippo real trading results 

Growth chart of Tip Toe Hippo
Growth chart of Tip Toe Hippo

Since May 09, 2021, the robot has placed 175 trades through this account, winning only 51% of them. The win rate is quite low compared to other automated systems. This account has daily and monthly gains of 0.19% and 5.73%, respectively. 

Trading results of Tip Toe Hippo
Trading results of Tip Toe Hippo

Looking at the results from September, we can see that the EA has suffered consecutive losses. Also, it only seems to generate small profits from each trade. We cannot possibly consider this a profitable robot. 

User reviews 

We were unable to find any user reviews for this EA on third-party websites. Tip Toe Hippo has a Discord channel that has only 92 members. Thus, it is evident that the robot does not have any reputation to speak of.

Tip Toe Hippo Review Summary

Tip Toe Hippo
1 5 0 1
Tip Toe Hippo is a scam service that you should avoid at all costs. We know virtually nothing about the trading strategy and the parent company selling the product. The live performance is not too impressive either.
Tip Toe Hippo is a scam service that you should avoid at all costs. We know virtually nothing about the trading strategy and the parent company selling the product. The live performance is not too impressive either.
Total Score
  • Functionality
    1/5 Awfully
    This system has no special features that are worth mentioning.
  • Trading strategy
    1/5 Awfully
    We cannot analyze the trading strategy since the vendor has not shared any data on it.
  • Live results
    1/5 Awfully
    The win rate is pretty low and there are consecutive losses that can be seen.
  • Customer support
    2/5 Bad
    Live one-on-one support is available for all users.
  • User reviews
    1/5 Awfully
    There are no user reviews for this EA on trusted third-party websites.

The Good

  • Verified trading results

The Bad

  • Lack of vendor transparency
  • Undisclosed trading approach
  • Low win rate
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