Panda Night Review

Panda Night

Panda Night is a trading solution that can help people with executing orders on Forex at night. The presentation looks average without extra knowledge about the system’s functionality.  

Panda Night at a glance

We would like you to take a look at the following sheet. 

Trading PlatformsMT4 or MT5
Currency PairsN/A
StrategyCounter Trend
Recommended DepositN/A
Recommended LeverageN/A
Money ManagementYes

Panda Night functionality

There are not so many explanations about what we have to expect from the system that works on our account. 

  • The robot works on our terminals completely automatically. We have to do nothing in addition. 
  • “The system looks for signs of reversal, in hours when the market is not strong, and the risk of high movements is low.”
  • We can trade many cross pairs at the same time. 
  • It works with charts using short margins. 
  • “The correlation of the different symbols is generally very low, giving to the system a very high diversification, which reduces the overall risk.”
  • There’s a simple and quick installation. 
  • We can rely on settings files that the developers shared with us. 
  • “If the names of the symbols aren’t common in your broker platform, update the names in the Symbol List parameter.” 
  • It’s truly hard to execute without proper knowledge. 
  • We are allowed to trade manually if needed. 
  • The account should be low-spread. 
  • IC Markets and TickMill are suggested brokers. 
  • Raw-spread accounts are good to go. 
  • “The best brokers are those that work with the GMT offset +3.”
Panda Night pricing details
Panda Night pricing details

The price came back to $199 after being $399 for a while. We can’t subscribe to the system. The demo usage is available for us. There’s no refund policy applied. 

Panda Night trading strategy tests

Panda Night backtest report
Panda Night backtest report

There are backtest reports of all symbols at once. From the report, we saw that the robot didn’t close months equally. Some of them were lost. The win/loss ratio was 6.3. The gross profit was $39,970. The gross loss has amounted to -$8,975.

Panda Night backtest trading details
Panda Night backtest trading details

We can note ten cross pairs traded. The profit factor varied from 2.5 to 7.4. 

What about Panda Night live trading results

Panda Night trading results
Panda Night trading results

The developer provides us with a MQL5 verified account. This FX robot executes orders on IC Markets automatically with 1:500 leverage. It trades on the MT5 platform. The total growth has amounted to 50.05%. The maximum drawdown is 6.5%. The signals are marked as good ones. 

Panda Night trading details
Panda Night trading details

The trade frequency is 37 deals weekly. An average holding time is 2 hours only. So, the time frame should be M15. 

Panda Night trading details
Panda Night trading details

The system works without Martingale using short Grids of orders. We may note that the last orders profitability wasn’t cool. 

Panda Night trading details
Panda Night trading details

The system has managed to execute 526 orders. The best trade is $20.64 when the worst one is much bigger -$32.19. The recovery factor is 1.90. An average profit is $2.57 when an average loss -$4.83. The average monthly growth is 0.69%.

Panda Night distribution
Panda Night distribution

We may easily note that the system trades only in the long direction. 

Other notes

The developer’s profile
The developer’s profile

Jiang Ming Wang is a China-based developer with a 791 rate. His products have a 5 rate based on 13 reviews. The portfolio includes three products and four signals.

People testimonials
People testimonials

Some clients aren’t happy with the system. We are not surprised. 

Panda Night Review Summary

Panda Night
3 5 0 1
Panda Night is a young system that doesn’t provide significant profits. The presentation looks below average. So, we can’t suggest you use this EA.
Panda Night is a young system that doesn’t provide significant profits. The presentation looks below average. So, we can’t suggest you use this EA.
Total Score
  • Functionality
    3/5 Neutral
    There are some explanations provided.
  • Trading strategy
    3/5 Neutral
    It scalps at night.
  • Live results
    4/5 Good
    We have trading results provided.
  • Customer support
    3/5 Neutral
    The support is average.
  • User reviews
    2/5 Bad
    We can’t be sure these testimonials are real.

The Good

  • A backtest report shown
  • Trading results provided
  • Affordable pricing

The Bad

  • No risk advice given
  • No settings explanations provided
  • No real account trading results showed
  • No refund policy provided
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