The Impact of Institutional Investors in Crypto Assets

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s decision on whether to approve any of the recent applications for a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund remains uncertain. Regardless, the interest in a Bitcoin ETF from companies like BlackRock highlights a promising trend for the cryptocurrency: the influx of institutional investors.

According to a recent report from Bernstein analysts, traditional financial institutions are viewing giving investors access to crypto assets as a major commercial opportunity. Despite the past year’s crypto winter, these institutions remain undeterred. The report stated, “This is not a drill or a meme anymore – institutions are finally here!”

Several fund firms have submitted applications in the last two weeks to launch an ETF holding spot Bitcoin, as opposed to the Bitcoin futures products already available on the market. Invesco, WisdomTree, and BlackRock are among the recent applicants.

Although the SEC has previously rejected such requests due to concerns of potential fraud on crypto trading platforms, a new market surveillance agreement proposed by BlackRock and Nasdaq and optimism about an upcoming court decision regarding the SEC’s rejection of a proposed ETF have given firms hope for a different outcome.

The Potential Impact of Crypto ETFs on Investments

The recent move by BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, to file for a US Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) has reignited excitement in the crypto market. According to analysts, if more financial advisors follow suit and invest in crypto products, it could open doors to significant investments in Bitcoin that were previously considered too costly or inconvenient.

Currently, managing crypto assets requires separate platforms from clients’ other investments or buying high-cost funds that don’t track Bitcoin’s price well. However, with ETFs, fee cuts induced by competition would solve both issues.

Institutions continue to show enthusiasm for crypto, betting that it will become a sustained asset class. Bernstein analysts note that institutional interest in crypto is present across banks, asset managers, investment banks, broker-dealers and custodians.

The news has created a stir among crypto investors, with Bitcoin’s price rising by 19% since the filing came to light. Additionally, digital-asset investment products saw their biggest inflows last week since July 2022.

Although regulatory scrutiny, fraud concerns, and custody issues previously restrained large firms from investing in crypto, recent applications for crypto ETFs show that the situation might be changing.

“Serious institutional players have remained committed to their crypto strategy,” say the Bernstein analysts.

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