Global Tech Companies Record Sharp Rise in Layoffs

The job market in the global technology sector has been hit by huge layoffs since the beginning of 2023, with over 210,000 employees being rendered redundant, according to data compiled by The data reveals that layoffs have risen more than eightfold since mid-January; companies are cutting their workforce as they cope with the effects of the ongoing pandemic. The figures for 2023 have exceeded last year’s results, with 798 tech companies letting go of their employees- compared to the previous year, signifying a 36% surge in enterprise layoffs. Oracle Corp. has let go of several hundred employees and canceled job offers from its health unit, Spotify Technology SA cut its workforce by 2%, while Robinhood Markets Inc., a stock-trading app, recently laid off about 150 people. Details regarding the reasons behind the layoffs are yet unknown.

Job Cuts: Meta, Alibaba, and LinkedIn Announce Layoffs

As the business landscape continues to shift, several tech companies have announced layoffs, with some among them being big-name players in the industry. Chinese tech giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.’s cloud unit has reportedly started cutting 7% of its staff, as reported last month by various sources. Similarly, Facebook parent company Meta Platforms Inc. has had its third round of layoffs in late May, with more than 21,000 job cuts expected in 2023 according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The recent cuts include technical positions, though the company declined to confirm the reports.

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn also announced plans to cut more than 700 employees from its global business organization (GBO) in early May, along with shuttering its local jobs app in China. LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky stated in an email to its employees that these changes were being made as part of their strategy amid “rapidly changing” times. With a workforce of over 20,000, LinkedIn is just one of several major tech firms facing job cuts in these uncertain times.

Related: Spotify has also announced that it will lay off 200 employees as it shakes up the company’s podcast strategy.

Tech Companies Conducting Job Cuts

Recent news suggests that several tech companies have laid off employees in various departments. Inc. reportedly conducted layoffs in its Amazon Web Services and human-resources department in late April. Similarly, Electronic Arts Inc. will cut 6% of its workforce, while Roku Inc. will lay off 200 employees.

In addition to these companies, several other tech giants have announced job cuts in 2023. These include Palantir Technologies Inc., Twilio Inc., DocuSign Inc., Salesforce Inc., SAP, Zoom Video Communications Inc., eBay Inc., Dell Technologies Inc., PayPal Holdings Inc., International Business Machines Corp., Intel Corp., Microsoft Corp., and Alphabet Inc.

Layoffs can be a challenging and painful time for both employees and employers. Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter last year to announce the layoffs of almost 6,500 Tesla workers, describing it as “one of the hardest things” he has had to do.

While it can be difficult to predict when or where the next layoffs will occur, it’s clear that the tech industry is not immune to job cuts. As the industry continues to evolve, it’s important for companies and employees alike to remain agile and adaptable to change.

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