Forex Astrobot Review

Forex Astrobot

Forex Astrobot claims to generate a maximum profit of $16,000 on a monthly basis. It is a 100% automated trading system that can trade in all currency pairs. Whether it is a truly reliable system or not can be determined only after completing our evaluation.

On the official website, the vendor has highlighted the main features of the EA. We have a short introduction to the robot, along with several screenshots displaying reviews from customers. The vendor has also shared a video showing the live performance and additional screenshots of selected trades. Finally, we have a short FAQ section where you can find the answers to some common questions.

Forex Astrobot is an offering from Rita Lasker and Green Forex Group. We don’t know much about this company or its history, and there are several users on the web claiming that they run a scam. Other systems built by this vendor include Forex Anti Robot, Forex NonStop Robot, Forex Progress Bot, and Forex Avia Robot.

Forex Astrobot At a Glance

Trading Platforms MT4
Currency PairsAll
Strategy N/A
Timeframe M15, M30, & H1
Recommended Deposit $200
Recommended Leverage N/A
Money Management Yes

Forex Astrobot Functionality

For risk management purposes, Forex Astrobot uses trailing stops. It has a money management feature that allows it to decrease the size of the trading lot in case the market conditions are unfavorable. The vendor provides customer support via email. 

The EA has a built-in slippage algorithm that prevents the system from making an entry in case the price shifts drastically. You can use this robot for all currency pairs on M15, M30, and H1 charts. The vendor recommends starting with a small deposit of $200 for certain brokers. It is advisable that you not risk too much money until you get familiar with the workings of the system.

Currently, you can purchase this robot at the price of $99. The vendor offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for this EA. When you purchase it, you get a step-by-step user guide and are eligible for remote assistance provided by the support team. The ultimate version of the software has a profit multiplication mode. We don’t exactly know how it works, but it can be assumed that the EA trades with a higher degree of risk in this mode.

As per vendor recommendation, you should not run this robot when there is a major news release. You ought to use it on trending pairs and avoid trading when the market is moving sideways.

Forex Astrobot Trading Strategy Tests

The vendor has not revealed the details of the trading strategy on the official website. Without any kind of strategy insight, it becomes difficult to trust this EA, since it could be using risky strategies that can drain your account in no time. The majority of traders will take the lack of strategy insight as a red flag.

There are no backtesting results for Forex Astrobot. It seems the vendor has not tested the system using historical data, which is a major disappointment. Through these tests, we get an idea about the robot’s profitability. Therefore, seasoned Forex traders might think twice before investing in this robot. 

What About Forex Astrobot Live Trading Results 

Astrobot  profits

We have several screenshots showing profits made by Forex Astrobot. Here, we can also see the entry and exit points, the leverage, spread, balance, and lot size. However, we cannot consider these authentic since they are not verified by third-party websites. In the absence of verified statistics, it makes no sense to use this EA for live trading. 

Customer Support 

Customer Support

We couldn’t find any user reviews for Forex Astrobot on third-party websites. There are some screenshots of user testimonials on the website, but it is likely that the vendor has manufactured them.

Forex Astrobot Review Summary

Forex Astrobot
1 10 0 1
In the end, we would like to say that Forex Astrobot is a scam service. There are no verified statistics for this robot, so we don’t know whether the system is capable of generating profits in the live market. On top of that, we have no idea what strategy it uses.
In the end, we would like to say that Forex Astrobot is a scam service. There are no verified statistics for this robot, so we don’t know whether the system is capable of generating profits in the live market. On top of that, we have no idea what strategy it uses.
Total Score
  • Functionality
    2/10 Very bad
    Forex Astrobot uses money management and trailing stop features for risk management.
  • Trading Strategy
    1/10 Awfully
    The vendor has not revealed any details about the trading strategy.
  • Live Results
    1/10 Awfully
    Live trading results are not available for this robot.
  • Customer Support
    2/10 Very bad
    The company provides customer support 24*7 via email.
  • User Reviews
    1/10 Awfully
    There are no verified user reviews for Forex Astrobot.

The Good

  • Money-back guarantee

The Bad

  • No verified live trading results
  • Lack of strategy insight
  • Backtesting results not available
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