Dorothy Early

Chief Financial Officer

The world of trading and finance is difficult to understand. To open this door a little, you must follow the news and read analytical articles. Those who want to open it fully should get all the details from the person building the current financial system. Today we have the opportunity to chat with trading innovator and CFO of TechBerry, Missy Dorothy Early.

– I want to start our conversation with the most exciting question: is it difficult for you to hold the position of financial director of a company, and how did you win the competition from men?

– Thank you, this question is the best start to our dialogue. Nowadays, much attention is paid to the issues of gender equality. This is important since a woman could not even dream of such a position a few decades ago. A striking example of a modern approach to recruitment is TechBerry. We have uniform requirements for all candidates to get one or another position. The main thing is to be competent and have the desire to develop. This approach helps to create a unique internal atmosphere in the team, which positively affects the work and helps to bring the company to a new level.

– What do you understand by the phrase “good result”? How do you measure personal and corporate success?

– Thanks for the question. Most people, in one way or another connected with finance, consider preserving primary capital to be a good result. If you managed to “tame” an unpredictable market and even break, this could already be considered a good achievement. If you can also compensate for various expenses or make a small profit, you can call yourself a professional.

I do not welcome this approach. It initially feels like a kind of doom, which for me, is unacceptable. I like the comparison of trading to a storm at sea. Having plunged into this element, you must overcome waves of varying complexity and try to stay on the surface. If you manage to stabilize the situation and feel confident in your abilities, you can start dreaming about more. The same principle applies to trading. If you believe in your strength, you can reach any height. In addition, without making ambitious plans, you will always stay in one place and not move forward.

– Your speech can become motivational for many traders. However, how can such requests be satisfied?

– Here, everything is as simple as possible. I must adhere to a simple rule I teach my colleagues and children. It says that you need to strive to acquire new knowledge throughout your life. If someone forgets about it and says he knows everything about a particular topic, he automatically presses the brake pedal. Stopping training leads to gradual degradation and forces a person to stagnate in one place. This is especially true in the financial sector.

– These are- Wise words of a true professional. Given the direction of our conversation, I want to ask you about the prospects for the financial market for the next few years. What are they, or do they not exist at all?

– To answer your question, I want to compare my profession with any other. For example, lawyers or doctors can give a person a clear answer and direct their actions in the right direction. In my native financial sphere, everything works differently. The market is a living organism not subject to precise rules and regulations. It is created from a symbiosis of individual participants, making it unpredictable, universal, and challenging to understand. However, if you find its rhythm, you can enjoy the process and make a decent profit. That is why you must join a remarkable team of people with powerful intellectual abilities and innovative thinking.

– Can you give a more detailed answer?

– Yes, sure. First, many financiers, like ordinary people, are used to seeing the obvious things and neglecting the details. This is their main mistake, which prevents them from moving forward. Speaking of neglect, I mean the reluctance of people to discover new technologies that have become available to mankind in the last 15-20 years. This leads to depriving themselves of dozens of privileges with which they can create new financial products and tools to manage them. Luckily, TechBerry doesn’t have this problem. The proof of this is the artificial intelligence that our company uses as the basis for its development. The trading algorithm we have created is the most advanced and guarantees excellent results. Given this, I am optimistic about the future. I would also like to note that the ability to minimize the number of errors is considered a critical success factor for the financial industry. This quality is endowed with our artificial intelligence. However, it has yet to reach the peak of its development, which motivates me to work further.

– Do your specialists play a vital role in the process?

– Of course, yes. Our approach to work provides control over each process. This makes it possible to anticipate various problems and quickly solve them. To achieve such goals, you need a genuinely qualified team that can cope with tasks of any complexity. It is important always to remember that TechBerry independently develops state-of-the-art software based on artificial intelligence. It becomes equally useful for beginners and professional traders. Therefore, first, we must understand all the processes to integrate our developments into AI algorithms.

– All this is very interesting and promising. However, are you not afraid that artificial intelligence will be able to manage various processes fully, and we will be left without work?

– It is likely that this will never happen. The fact is that real people create all TechBerry products. Our team comprises professionals who form working algorithms for the same AI. Although, from the side of a simple user, the work of our trading tools looks like real magic. However, plunging deeper into this process comes with the understanding that many specialists are behind this magic.

– Based on your own experience, can you predict any significant event in the world of finance shortly?

– Everyone can make predictions. However, remember that this is just an assumption; actual events may go according to a different scenario. Very often, something new and unique arises due to the ability of companies to adapt to changing conditions. With this skill, you can quickly react to what is happening and make decisions ahead of competitors. At the same time, it will seem to most outsiders that TechBerry has a whole team of predictors, thanks to which we can find out about everything in advance.

Knowing all the nuances, our AI system is the most modern. It knows how to respond to any changes and predict subsequent events quickly. At the same time, knowing that we do not make all predictions by guessing on the cards is essential. We analyze vast amounts of information to make conclusions logical and understandable. In this case, it is important to learn one rule: the more data is used for analysis, the more accurate the result is. Putting them together and analyzing them qualitatively is only possible with our advanced AI.

In this regard, various popular concepts that justify significant financial losses due to unforeseen circumstances should be gradually forgotten. You can predict absolutely any event. If people cannot do this, then our artificial intelligence will aid them.

– Dealing only with discussing these issues and further development prospects, the head starts to hurt. However, what forecast can you make for the next few years?

– I am sure that we should avoid any forecasts. Each of us is not perfect. The same is true for our AI algorithms. They operate well with existing financial indicators, while they cannot say precisely what awaits us tomorrow. However, I believe that progress will continue. Soon, AI will cover all areas of human activity and will be a priority for development. I am proud that TechBerry is a pioneer in this field. The rest of the companies will look up to us and try to keep up.

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